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Our Story

Romanossoda sour apple
Romanossoda yumberry
Romanossoda sour apple

Romano’s Italian Soda offers the café experience of an Italian Soda in a ready-to-drink package. Using pure cane sugar, this non-caffeinated, lightly carbonated beverage gives you a unique presence in the premium gourmet soda category. Romano’s attracts youthful consumers seeking new flavors.

Simply pour over ice for an indulgent refreshment, or serve with a splash of cream for a delicious cremosa! 

It’s the definition of “La Dolce Vita” (the sweet life)
Our mission is to continue the tradition of these delicious Italian style drinks so everyone can enjoy them.

Romanossoda yumberry

Love at first thirst !


Produced in Northwest

Romano’s Italian Sodas are provided by a locally owned Corvallis based company and bottled in Mukilteo, Washington.

100% pure sugarcane

Pure Sugar Cane

Our product is sweetened with pure cane sugar. Have a Romano’s Italian Soda today and taste the difference.


Family Owned

The Pastega family has been in the beverage selling business for three generations. Romano’s Italian Soda Company brings new energy to a family business tradition.