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Love at First Thirst........That's Amore

Overview: Italian sodas can be ordered at any café, filled with flavorful syrups, sparkling water and sometimes a splash of cream. Now for the first time this drink is available as a ready-to-drink refreshment. Every experience, consistently delicious.

What is a Romano's Italian Soda?
  • Romano's Italian Soda is the first ready-to-drink Italian Soda to hit the marketplace. It is a lightly carbonated beverage (2/3 carbonation of regular colas) without caffeine. Diet flavors are available that include the sweetener Splenda (sucralose)

Do any Romano's Italian Soda products contain caffeine?

  • No

What is the package size in bottles?

  • 12oz glass bottles

What are the available flavors of Romano's Italian Sodas?

  • Orange Cream (Diet available)
  • Vanilla Cream Soda
  • Sour Apple
  • White Peach
  • Yumberry Blue
  • Creamy Strawberry

Will there be new flavors of Romano's Italian Sodas?

  • Yes, every season Romano's will be offering delicious new flavors to add to its already popular profile

Romano’s Italian Sodas are provided by a locally owned Corvallis based company and bottled in Mukilteo, Washington. More questions? Contact Us at:

Romano's Italian Soda Company PO Box 1560 Corvallis, OR 97339

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