On the Road with Romano's:

Happy Samplers
In October, Romano's was invited to participate in Alitalia Airlines Agent Appreciation month which recognizes the top 50 performing travel agents across major markets. Romano's was included in these events in the five gateway cities of Miami, Boston, Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C. New friends abound from these festivities!

Also in October, Ken and Gina took Romano's on the road to San Diego for a "road show" in Costco. They sampled for four days in two Costco warehouses in that region (and are now official Costco food handlers). The experience was very positive and when all was said and done, they had gone through over 22,000 sampling cups. The road show was a great consumer focus group opportunity as well. The product was sampled as cremosas for those that wanted to try Romano's with half & half and was purchased in 12 packs. Consumers could choose any combination of sampled flavors to make up their pack. After a few days the sampling team made up names for flavor combos. A mixed 12pk of Diet Raspberry and
Team Romono's
Diet Orange became the "Skinny Italian" for example. Thanks to everyone that sampled and sold Romano's in the San Diego Costco locations: Randy, Jarek, Stephanie, Jan, Donya, Luke, and Keri. You were awesome and made the experience a great success. Watch for Romano's in Phoenix Costco locations next. We will hit the road again this Spring.

Photos by Jan Ek