Romano's Recipes .....Italian Style

Spring Refresher
Add a spritz of lime juice and garnish glass of YumBerry Blue over ice w/lime slice. Its a great color and flavor combination.

Romano's Sour Apple Collins

1/3 Romano's Sour Apple
1/3 Lemonade
1/3 Sierra Mist
Mix according to number of
servings and serve over tall glass of ice. Garnish with maraschino cherry.

Beavs Chocolatini
(after football game cocktail & also great for Halloween)

Per serving:
Chill large martini glass in freezer.
In a large martini shaker fill 1/2 to 2/3 with crushed or shaved ice, add:
1oz premium vodka
2 oz Romano's Orange Cream Italian Soda
1-1/2 oz Chocolate Liqueur (Godiva is recommended)
Shake well and strain into chilled martini glass.
Garnish with orange slice
Note: for a lighter colored drink,
substitute Crème de Cacao for Godiva

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