Romano's Italian Soda has an updated sugar profile. The product is sweetened with pure cane sugar. You can learn more about the difference of pure cane sugar vs other sugars on the C&H Sugar website at Product labels are updated to communicate this exciting change in sugar to our consumers. The diet formulas will continue to use Splenda®. Both regular and diet flavors now reflect the Italian flag on the front of the label in addition to the small Italian flag graphic on the back of the label.

Romano's Italian Soda is available in five flavors including
Creamy Strawberry, Orange Cream, Sour Apple, Vanilla Cream, Yumberry Blue, and White Peach.

"We needed a good sweetener to target healthier diet trends without sacrificing the great flavors of Italian sodas. We also knew it was important to use a sweetener that consumers trust," says Ken Pastega. "Consumers trust Splenda®."

Diet Romano's Italian Soda is sweetened with sucralose (Splenda® brand) and is available in
Orange Cream.

Currently, Romano's Italian Soda and Diet Romano's Italian Soda is available in bottles and at the soda fountains in convenience stores, restaurants and cafes. The product has experienced steady growth over the past few years; Orange Cream is the best selling flavor. Romano's Italian Soda Company continues to expand its distribution within Oregon and surrounding states.

Romano's Italian Soda Company is dedicated to r
ecreating delicious Italian sodas so everyone can enjoy them. With Romano's there is no inconsistency. Romano's Italian Sodas offer consumers the refreshing, flavors of Italy right here in the Northwest.

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